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This newsletter is a little late, owing to a surfeit of scribbling, but hopefully will still be welcome. It has a little glamour, a little advice and a little gratuitous plug.

WordNerd: Grumplestiltskin

Most people strive for immortality by breaking records or discovering cures for diseases. The WordNerd wants to achieve it by inventing a word. So she’s going to bore you with her latest attempt. Grumplestiltkins grumble a lot, but in a focused way, so that they can profit from their rantings. They’re a bit like the twisted creature in the fairytale, who turned straw into gold. Feel free to share your own word creations with the WordNerd. Only trouble is, she may appropriate them.

Grammar Grouch: P-Books

The Grammar Grouch has noticed this nasty little word cropping up in discussions about the e-book revolution. The word is used by e-book enthusiasts and the p stands for physical, as in physical books. ‘Aren’t those actually just books?’ thinks the Grammar Grouch.

Writing Exercise: Typical Day

This is a great exercise to do in a group, when you’re getting to know each other, because it breaks down inhibitions. You pair up and tell each other how you spent the day until you arrived at the class or writers’ group. Then you tell the story of your partner’s day to the rest of the group and vice versa. In a creative writing context, people will see how many stories are to be found within our daily lives. In a presentation-skills context, it helps people to see the importance of listening.

Resource: Laurence O’Bryan’s Blog

Laurence O’Bryan scored five-figure sales for his self-published thriller, The Istanbul Puzzle, and as a result of that, he landed a publishing deal with Harper Collins. He gives advice on social media for writers in his blog, delivered in an honest, bracing style that will help you cut through the social media fog.

What’s Going On: Literary Cupcakes

I took a stand at Show Your Business Week in Bank of Ireland Lisduggan, Waterford. Based on the idea that words aren’t sexy, but cupcakes are, I asked a local company called DessertFirst to make me some cupcakes. They were intended to be a honey trap, to lure people over to the stand.

To find out more about my cupcake-inspired services, or any aspect of this newsletter, contact me on 087 695 9799 or 051 386 260. Or email 

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