Arts Services

Waterford has everything on its doorstep for a film production company to utilise. From historical building groups; Edwardian, Victorian Georgian etc. to 20th century modern, to beautiful beaches, funfairs and playgrounds, industrial, post industrial and deserted industrial set-ups to rural and agricultural timeless locations.

Waterford also has a ‘can do’ attitude in regards to quick decisions on road closures and film permits. It has an abundance of trade people: LX, Carpenters, Set Painters, Builders as well as a large young performance oriented community. Through the Council and the Waterford Film Centre it also has resources for 2nd Units and documentation (DSLR set-up, Zeis glass, Green Screen, Kino lanterns, stage units, theatre set-ups).

Waterford City Council and Arts Office can also help in the sourcing of affordable accommodation and production offices.

For more information contact:
Conor Nolan: Phone: + 353 (0) 51 849657 ; Email: conornolan @

Please find below a selection of potential locations (photographs by Jenna Keane and Noel O’Connor).

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