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Culture Night 2019

Culture Night is happening on Friday September 20th 2019.

We are putting out a call for Programmes/events and for volunteers to help us with this annual fabulous event. We are working closely with the Department of Arts and the Waterford Libraries so as to ensure as wide a spread of events as possible across the County.

So far we have a very broad outline of the kind of general programmes we want to populate the evening of the 20th. We are hoping that you will be able to plan within, or around these timeframes and come back with projects that will educate, entertain, and inculcate a sense of awe that will encourage future audiences, investors, producers and artists.

We are creating three programme strands to the night in question.

1)            A wide broad-based programme with a sense of fun, wonderment, education and exploration early in the evening (5.30pm to 7.30pm) that follows directly from a pre Culture Night Kids programme in the Libraries. This is aimed primarily at young families.

2)            An accessible programme with talks, performances, happenings, and scratch events aimed at Youth and and young adults upwards with participatory programmes as well as young adult performers (7.30pm – 9pm)

3)            A more adult oriented programme with performance art, dance, scratch exhibitions, literature, music and theatrical events (9pm till late).

All events must be free to the public. All Culture Night events take place between 5pm and midnight. Please note, with the exception of specific Library programmes, Events outside of this time frame cannot be included in the Culture Night brochure.

All upcoming culture night events will be highlighted on the official national Culture Night website over the period leading up to the night itself.

If you already have planed an event – Please email conornolan @ waterfordcouncil.ie with the following:

  • Your telephone/contact details
  • Time
  • Genres
  • Who your target audience is (e.g. ‘People of all ages’, ‘Teenagers’, ‘Adults’ ect)
  • Feature(s) of the event
  • Address of event
  • Booking (necessary or not)
  • Photo (landscape aprx ratio 5:4)
  • Confirmation that it is FREE

Please note it could take up-to a couple of days for it to go live on the official Culturenight website.

We look forward to liaising with you over the coming weeks.  We welcome all queries about any aspect of Culture Night Waterford. In the meantime, please become friends on the Waterford Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media pages, please volunteer your ideas, services etc

Check out the National Culture Night page here:    https://culturenight.ie/

Culture Night is an annual all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. This year, it will take place on Friday 20th September 2019 between 4pm and 11pm. On Culture Night, arts and cultural organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, including the National Cultural institutions, extend their opening hours to allow for increased access to the public. Special and unique events and workshops are sculture-nightspecifically programmed at participating locations and everything is available free of charge.


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