‘Loose Screw Theatre Company’ is proud to present ‘Why Is Lilly’, a new play by James Rockett which is being performed at the ‘Merchants Quay Indoor Food Market’ (opposite Flowers by Lucy) from Thursday the 9th of May to Saturday 11th of May at 8pm. Tickets are available at the door and are priced at ten euro and eight euro concession (Students, O.A.P.’s and Unwaged). There are limited seats available each night.
“Time winds in your head from yesterday till tomorrow through now. Sometimes I live in the past or the future like a lot of people I know. I’m two years old just out of nappies a few months, obsessed with some tellitubbies, not yet aware that people may have a different idea of me than the idea in my own head. The two year old gives way to the person I am now, or the person I think I am. Maybe I am still. 16. Up until yesterday I was 16.”

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