Saturday 17th March, 1.00 p.m.


The Waterford City St Patrick’s Day Parade takes place on March 17th  annually. The festival includes the traditional parade along with music, concerts and performances across the festival. For the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Parade we will celebrate Colour, Culture and Community. The route will become a vibrant celebration of what makes our communities special.  Why not come and St Patricks Day Waterford style?

As Ireland’s oldest city, Waterford City was the first City to declare St Patricks Day a national holiday.  In 1903, Waterford Corporation declared that St Patrick’s Day should be a general holiday throughout the City and to entirely suspend business that day.  Before this St Patrick’s Day was not a national holiday in Ireland.

Although the feast of St Patrick had been celebrated since medieval times especially by the Franciscans, it was not until the mid-seventeenth century that the 17th or March became a holiday of obligation in the Catholic Church.  When the Waterford born Franciscan Luke Wadding was appointed to the Congregation of the Breviary in Rome he included St Patrick’s Day among the official saints days for the first time.

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