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Kiss 2011 by Tom Molloy

As part of Waterford’s 1100th birthday and Garter Lane Arts Centres thirtieth anniversary, ‘Thirty’ will present a moving visual celebration and fond look back featuring thirty renowned artists and friends from Garter Lane Gallery’s diverse and distinguished past exhibition programme. All thirty artists also have an additional connection to Ireland’s oldest City – Waterford. The exhibition is not to be missed with work by artists Tom Molloy, Jack O’ Hare, Lucy Hill, Anthony Costine, Rosemary Higbee, Ben Hennessey, Lynne Foster Fitzgerald and Joseph Hunt to name but a few. ‘Thirty’ will open Wednesday 10th September, thirty years to the day since Garter Lane Arts Centre was opened.

Opening alongside ‘thirty’ in the FOH space sponsored by AIB Waterford is ’28’ by Martin Fahy. The title comes from the most commonly used, natural cycle to mark the passage of time; the 28 days of the lunar cycle. Just as the passage of time repeats so does the process of creating prints, a repetitious act, adds to process of creativity, echoing the natural cycles of the Universe and links to events in the calendar like Garter Lane Arts Centre 30th Anniversary and Waterford’s 1100 Birthday celebrations.

Martin Fahy will give an informal talk about ’28’ followed by a fun workshop where you will have the opportunity to create your own print using the same techniques that were used by Martin e.g. Screen print, relief block printing on Fri 19th Sept at 5.30pm as part of Culture Night . The main focus of Martins explains that work is to; “use everyday objects and materials to create Art pieces, in an attempt to prove that Art can be made with little effort and cost. To promote the notion that anyone can be creative, given the opportunity. I aim to make the creative process accessible to all.”

Both exhibitions launch Wed 10th Sept, for more information on ‘thirty’ and ’28’ see http://www.garterlane.ie.


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