Theatre Royal, Thursday 17th January at 8pm.


In association with Wexford Arts Centre.
Written and performed by Michelle Dooley Mahon.
Directed by Ben Barnes.

The Scourge (Michelle Dooley Mahon) relives visits to her mother Siobhan in a nursing home after she has been struck down by Alzheimer’s disease or what the scourge calls “death by a thousand cuts”. Through her hilarious as well as moving memories we are introduced to personalities, history, and a nostalgic archive of an ordinary Irish small-town family forced to become extraordinary in their attempt to cope.

The production shines a light on an illness that is rarely discussed in detail. It takes us through the stages as the patient declines and describes the family’s implosion, the morphing of the scourge from wide eyed child into enfant terrible to obese depressed recluse and her re-emergence as a creator of her one woman show, Shellshock.

Suitable for ages 13+

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Theatre Royal, The Mall, Waterford.

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