Opening Sat 6 August 3pm Garter Lane

‘The Weight of Attraction’ by Denise McAuliffe.

‘Fragments of Dreams’ by Nicola Chestnutt.

Local artist and WIT graduate, Denise McAuliffe Hutchinson, who has recently completed a Masters in Fine Art Painting at NCAD Dublin, brings her latest exhibition to Garter Lane Gallery. “The weight of attraction # 2” explores a number of concepts surrounding the theme of sensuality. In most situations we feel affection for people because of the way they communicate with words and ideas regardless of their appearance or age. When we move from affection to attraction we stimulate the senses beyond discursive exercises. We enter the unknown. It is this fleeting and primal glimpse of sexuality, set in a bedrock of memory that has informed and stimulated this body of work.

Nicola Chestnutt is from Waterford and received the Garter Lane 6 Month Studio Award fragmentsafter graduating from Visual Art in WIT in 2015. Fragments of Dreams is an exhibition of watercolour illustrations with a fairy tale quality. During the process of painting, as each illustration came to life, it revealed part of a story that was both familiar and unknown. Each painting can be seen as an attempt to recreate the magic of a dream of which only fragments remain or to complete the story of a dream that ended too soon.

Admission Free, All welcome

 Garter Lane Arts Centre Mon 11 Jul – Sun 7 Aug @ 11.00 – 17.30


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