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Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, voting now open

Call for public vote for the “Peoples Choice Painting” from the Waterford Municipal Art Collection.

The Waterford Municipal Art Collection is one of the finest in the country. From its origins in 1934 the collection has accumulated almost five hundred pieces from local, national and international artists. We are fortunate to have within our collection works from such high esteemed artists as Jack B Yeats, Paul Henry, Evie Hone, Louis Le Brocquy, Mainie Jellet to name but a few.

Housed in Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, the collection is rotated though out the year with the ‘Magnificent Seven’ on display on the second floor. Also housed on the second floor will be “The People’s Choice Painting”. This will be the first time the general public will get to vote on an artwork displayed in Greyfriars Gallery. The artworks brought forward for public vote for “The People’s Choice Painting” were carefully selected from our collection and are listed below.

To vote for your chosen artwork please follow the link to our Facebook page and write the name of the painting in the comments section of “The Peoples Choice” post.

Or vote by leaving the name of the painting in the comment section at the end of this page. The votes will then be tallied and the result will be posted on Facebook. The artwork will then be displayed at the gallery for six weeks.

Voting ends midnight Tuesday 28th of February.

“The People’s Choice Paintings” artworks are:

oneill-dc9craig-james-h69 eggington 2

To read the biography of each artist please click the link  artist-biography

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