the knotted chords - band duo

University Hospital Waterford (UHW), Monday 13th March @ 1:30pm

The Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT) will present a live performance by The Knotted Chords in the foyer of the UHW as part of the healing sounds programme which is funded by the Arts Council and AIB.

The Knotted Chords are and Irish acoustic duo, consisting of sisters Margaret and Ailíse O’Neill from Waterford. Both singers, they also play an array of instruments including, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bodhrán, tin whistle and harmonica.

Margaret’s interest in energetic high spirited songs coupled with Ailíse’s love for singing the more soulful numbers, allows for lively and powerful performances. They sing and play a range of covers and originals from traditional Irish, pop, folk to some of the old classics and will often fuse traditional Irish tunes into songs to create a unique take on some popular hits.

They regularly play in pubs across Waterford and currently hold a Sunday night residency at the Reg, Waterford. The Knotted Chords will be performing for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors of the University Hospital Waterford.

All are welcome to attend!

Admission: Free

For further information contact Alan Browne at (051) 842664 or e-mail

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