Exhibited in Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery from November 20th to December 23rd. Admissions Free.

Keating Teas Mor

Curated by Ruth Brennan to visually represent the stimulating work that is Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ 1723. Taking inspiration not only from the concerti but also from accompaning poems that Vivaldi published at the time. It is said that Vivaldi took great pains to evoke the themes of the poems into ‘The Four Seasons ’and in sections of the music piece you can hear the direct translation from the page to the music.


The following is a section of the sonnets: Winter

‘To tremble from cold in the icy snow, In the harsh breath of a horrid wind; To run, stamping one’s feet every moment, Our teeth chattering in the extreme cold

Before the fire to pass peaceful, Contented days while the rain outside pours down.

We tread the icy path slowly and cautiously, for fear of tripping and falling. Then turn abruptly, slip, crash on the ground and, rising, hasten on across the ice lest it cracks up. We feel the chill north winds course through the home despite the locked and bolted doors… this is winter, which nonetheless brings its own delights.’


Featuring the works of famous artists that include William Conor RHA, Sean Keating RHA, Hughie O’ Donoghue, Muriel Brandt RHA, Aidan Dunne and many more.



Open Hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 2.30pm – 7pm

Admission free

Venue: Greyfriars Municipal Art Galllery, Greyfriars Street, Waterford.

E: greyfriars@waterfordcouncil.ie

T: (353)51 849983/849857

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