Closing date is Thursday 19th September 2019

The purpose of Arts Centre Funding is to invest in and support the infrastructure of arts centres required to sustain and develop the arts in Ireland.

Arts centres are defined as full-time, public-facing, professionally managed, building-based arts organisations. They support the creation, presentation and mediation of the arts across a range of artforms and arts practices, They support professional, collaborative, voluntary and amateur arts practice.

Recipients of Arts Centre Funding must play a critical part in delivering the policy priorities of Making_Great_Art_Work, the Arts Council’s ten-year strategy.

In offering Arts Centre Funding, the Arts Council wishes to ensure:

  • The year-round production and dissemination of arts activities, events and services of the highest quality throughout the country
  • That greater numbers of people enjoy high-quality arts experiences
  • That audiences, artists and participants reflect the diversity of contemporary Ireland
  • Increase depth of engagement by and with the public
  • High standards in governance and management

Who can apply

The Arts Centre Funding Programme is open only to building-based, professionally managed, multidisciplinary arts organisation that are open to the public all year round. Further information may be found by please clicking here.

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