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Cathy Walsh is a landscape artist, working and living in her home town of Carrick on Suir, co Tipperary. Nature is at the core of her work. Cathy’s earlier interest in water and reflections has led to a further development of ripples and movement of water over surfaces, including reflections of light and colour. Light plays a big part in her work, it reflects, shimmers and casts patterns over surfaces. In one photographic image ” Water ripple prism ” light is caught in a prism within a rain drop, the light refracts and creates patterns and shapes beyond anything you might expect or understand to be real.

Some of her paintings are based on rock pools by the sea, and adding to the water and reflections is the texture and forms of rock, sand and pebbles, some of which can be seen beneath the ripples. Cathy is fascinated since childhood with the hypnotic motion of raindrops. A raindrop falls, hits the surface, the natural force and energy of the drop rippling and expanding outwards intercepting other ripples, creating natural rhythmic patterns, and in its motion capturing within its frame, light, colour and distortion of imagery.

Cathy’s photographs and paintings are intrinsically linked. In order to have an original source of inspiration for her paintings she began to take photographs. The split second action of a raindrop or ripple cannot be fully appreciated by the retina, therefore using the camera to capture this second in time was almost compulsory for Cathy. Some of her photographs become the main subject of a painting, while others stand as interesting visual images in their own right.


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Address: Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell Street, Waterford


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