Spider Tree

Spider Tree refers to a particular gnarly old yew tree that to me, particularly in winter, looks like a long legged circular Black spider. In the summer, it fills out into a sort of glowing circle that has the look of a very hairy dogs head. This Tree became my start point for drawings during that period of restricted walking. At first, I used these Drawings and photos in photo etching but for the last year and a half, I have been working on them through Sculpture and they have now developed into this small forest.

Cast wax, and Bronze, carved, wood, welded mild steel, Pasted Gold leaf. Glued screwed and bolted bits and pieces form the basis of most of the Sculpture pieces. The prints are Photo Etching and Spit Bite, on Hahnemuhle Natural White.

Sat 23rd Sep – Sat 18th Nov 2023. 11am-5.30pm

Garter Lane Arts Centre, 22a O’Connell Street Waterford.

tel :0035351855038 E.Mail: ticket@garterlane.ie


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