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The Rogue Gallery, Fri 23rd Nov at 7pm & the Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms, Sat 24th Nov at 7pm

Waterford Women’s Healthcare group seeks to highlight the awful news that 221 Irish women were given false negative smear test results due to our government’s negligence.

The Irish government outsources our smear tests to America to save money, and pays for the cheapest version of the test.

As a result, Irish women are dying unnecessarily, unaware of their cancer until it was too late.

Waterford Women’s Healthcare group art event seeks to show these women’s stories through creativity — to present it to the public so that it’s not forgotten.

The Rogue

The Rogue Gallery, 24 Michael Street, Waterford.
Tel: 087 1961795



The Parlour.pngresized.pngsmallThe Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms, 2 Great Georges Street, Waterford.
Tel: 051 325 851

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