Michael Foley is based in Dublin and has written a new play with Waterford connections. Micheal is now seeking a Waterford based drama group to perform the play. The play is Meagher of the Flag and is set in Waterford, South Kilkenny and up in space… with the aliens! The play has 17,000 words and would run approximately 2 hours with a cast of 10 actors.

This play is about Thomas Francis Meagher, the man who gave Ireland her iconic tri-colour flag. According to history, he disappeared on the Missouri river in 1868. There is a lot of theories speculating exactly what happened to him.

Foley’s play will assert it was the aliens who got Thomas Francis Meagher, and put him in suspended animation. In the year 2020 he is revived and sent back to earth. The aliens give him a crash course on world history and politics, and send him on his way.
Thomas Francis Meagher finds himself in a room in the Granville Hotel in the year 2020, assuming the name of Tommy Meagher. Tommy walks out on to the street to meet the new Waterford and the play unfolds from here.

The author would ideally like this play to go on stage first in Waterford, because Thomas Francis Meagher is the man who gave us our Flag. He sacrificed so much for the Irish people.

Interested groups & individuals should contact Michael Foley on +353(0)87 6640639 or email for further information.


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