Screenwriter & Producer Team Grant (Film)

This is a two stage grant scheme – a partnership between a Screenwriter and a Producer and Waterford City & County Council with the hope of making great films and encouraging further finances towards the project.
The scheme is based on four tenets:

  • To build up a new cannon of South East films
  • To encourage local film production
  • To enable and empower South East Screenwriters
  • To encourage new arts entrepreneurs (producers)

You will describe yourself, for this application, as a professional. You will fill in the required application and send the individual items for the ‘First Part’ via the Uploads icons in the application.

First part
(Worth up to €500) applicants must submit along with their application:
1. A maximum three sentence ‘Pitch’
2. A detailed synopsis and plot
3. Theme/s
4. A list of characters (with notes)
5. Basic location settings
6. Relevant CVs outlining previous creative work
7. An agreement with a person or group who will produce including a work timeline for the completion of the script
8. Availability for a phone or face-to-face interview

Up to five applicants will then be chosen to submit for the second part

Second part
(Worth up to €3,750) the five applicants will then be invited to compete for three grants that, apart from the financial support, will receive a Waterford Film Centre bursary that includes 7 days free rental of equipment.

For this WC&CC Arts Service will expect:

  1. A final and finished script
  2. A shooting script
  3. Basic Storyboards
  4. A list of Locations and Set-Ups
  5. A detailed budget including all payments and other contributions and ‘in-kind’ sponsorship
  6. CV’s of Principle people including talent
  7. A list of equipment required
  8. Preferred Timeline (this must also include dates for the drawdown of the grant)
  9. An agreement to supply publicity shots from principle filming

Following this three productions may be chosen. Payment will be given on completion of the film or in agreed stages.

Terms and Conditions will apply in regards to formats and accreditation for the 2nd part.

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