Bausch & Loomb Dance Studio, Garter Lane Arts Centre , December Thursday 6th & 13th, from 10:30am to noon


Morning Dance Class for the professional level dance & movement community in Waterford, Wexford & Kilkenny.

Waterford Dance Artist in Residence, Dee Grant concludes a wonderful Autumn Series of Morning Classes for dance artists in the south east by leading 2 Morning Dance Classes based on Somatic Movement. Drawing upon experimental anatomy practice, these classes will challenge participants to go deep into the body exploring new surfaces of the body, connecting with our connective tissue and fascia and discovering  its ability to stretch, regenerate and release tension, thus creating new space,  shape and form. Class is delivered through group investigation, observation of peers & rigorous personal physical exploration. The class aims to take a refreshing look at rebuilding the body in a sustainable, authentic way for practicing dance & movement artists, from floor to standing, to engaging with our 3D world and the spatial environment.

Classes at suitable for dancers, actors, holistic practitioners with a movement discipline.

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Price: €5 per class

Bausch & Loomb Dance Studio, Garter Lane Arts Centre, O’Connell Street, Waterford


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