After a year long research and consultation process Visual Artists Ireland, the all Ireland organisation representing professional visual artists, has launched the Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists.

For the first time in Ireland, venues and artists will be able to properly calculate equitable levels of payments, properly budget for their programmes and for the variety of work that professional artists undertake in not for profit spaces.

As a result of Visual Artists Ireland’s (VAI) 2012/13 research and consultation process it was realised that not only was there no consistency in the type of remuneration that institutions provided to artists but that in many cases no fee was paid to the artist for their participation at all.

VAI has collaborated with artists, organisations and our international partners to create this set of guidelines. The guidelines are based upon international best practice, and are scalable for different sizes of organisations as well as the experience/reputation of artists. They also take into consideration the different work undertaken by artists within the context of exhibitions and supporting services.

It is intended that these Guidelines will become the national go-to resource for calculating artists’ payments and become the first step towards the development of a sustainable model for best practice between artists and the institutions that contract their labour.

The Payment Guidelines for Professional Visual Artists can be found here

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