An exhibition of drawings, video and performance by Paola Catizone
Exhibition runs from 7th March – 29th March

“Drawing is not a window on the world but a device for understanding our place in the universe” –  Emma Dexter.

Paola Catizone is an Italian-Spanish artist living and working in Dublin. A strong performative quality, rooted in her background in embodiment disciplines, is at the core of her work. Performative drawing is an immersive practice which doesn’t rely on the eye alone, but involves the kinesthetic sense. Paola has performed and exhibited in many venues in Ireland. Her most recent solo exhibition was Body Drawings, at Pallas Projects in May of 2013. Her last participation in a group exhibition was in Motley, at Satellite Studios, in Dublin, in January of 2014, as part of the MFA course that she is currently completing at NCAD.

“The ephemerality and directness of performative drawing responds to a current state of chronic historical and personal uncertainty. In drawing, direct experience and impermanence are proposed to the viewer, who becomes witness to the live emergence of lines . Through immediate gestures marks are conveyed without effects or technical artifice, in a quest for a truthfulness of mark making and of presence.” (Paola Catizone)

Paolo Catizone 02The title Natural Artifice, refers to the intrinsic differences between the media displayed in the exhibition: Drawing and performance rely on embodiment, immediacy and presence, while video art resorts to a series of manipulations to construct a moving image that is several times removed from the original filmed event, but whose final product has an integrity of its own.

Collaboration and inter-disciplinary dialogue are central to Paola’s work. World Music DJ Nigel Wood and Dancer/choreographer Fiona Quilligan will both be guest artists collaborating with the exhibition. DJ Nigel Wood will be playing a music set on the opening night as well as the following day to a drawing and dance performance by Paola and Fiona Quilligan, Saturday the 8th @ 2pm in the gallery. (back garden, weather pending) Both events are open to the public and free of charge.

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