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Solutionism, Central Arts November 5th – €10 – ring 086 454 3246

Paddy Cullivan of ‘Callan’s Kicks’, Kilkenomics and the Leviathan Political Cabaret brings his new show ‘Solutionism’ to Central Arts, Waterford. With just months to go until the next Irish general election and the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising, Paddy brings you a pointedly hilarious take on the state of Ireland and the world in 2015, using imagery, satire, historical and aesthetic insight and the odd song. SolutionismAs we ‘Turn the Corner’ and the great ‘isms’ of the world gear up again to work their repeatedly failed magic on our lives, Paddy offers a ‘third way’ – ‘Solutionism’, picking through the faults of the inequitable mire Ireland has become, and offering solutions that will make it the paradise we all know it could and should be. Just leave your ideological preconceptions at the door because Paddy is neither Left-wing or Right-wing – he’s just Right.

Solutionism, Central Arts November 5th – €10 – ring 086 454 3246

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