The Waterford City & County Arts Service has unveiled a new grant to replace the Professional Theatre Performance Production Grant in the latest round of annual arts supports.

The grants involve writers and producers working together to make viable projects for performance. There will be three grants of up to €3,000 each for the writing, rehearsed reading and a budgeted proposal based in six performances of the play.

Conor Nolan, the Waterford Arts Officer in charge of Theatre said the grants were a great opportunity for new creative producing teams to get established and get laboratory type experience for putting up shows. “These teams of Writer & Producer will effectively be working on real world exercises. After the writing they will have to work-out how to realistically put the finished product onto a stage. Their efforts will move from the creative to the commodity – a project that can be picked up and realised across the South East.”

The City and County of Waterford has over a dozen places for theatrical performance. If you are to include Kilkenny and Wexford this climbs to 30 good spaces.

The thinking behind the new grant is to build up a new cannon of South East plays while encouraging new local theatre producers.

All plays must be unproduced and unfettered from publishing rights or previous agreements and must be the work of the applicants who must either live and work in Waterford or who must originally be from Waterford. WC&CC reserves the right for first production and/or a production in 2020. WC&CC also will reserve the rights to a small portion of royalties that will be invested in future play production schemes.

For Grant Application follow this link.

Top tips for new theatre producers (from an article in the Guardian).



  1. dear conor nolan
    im in the process of setting up as a non profit but have not done so yet i am looking to do a play and a small exhibition of various art forms in order to highlight mental health issues

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