The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms, Saturday 6th July at 8:30pm to 12:30am

62319708_2442151742734164_8884129844502200320_nWelcome to The Parlour’ s monthly “Supper Club” A sensational journey back in time where we revere music, food, fashion & culture of a bye gone era from around the globe. We seek to worship a different City every month.

New Orleans is first stop. The spiritual home of jazz & the cocktail. Naturally, we have teamed up with the best in the business ‘Blackwater Distillery’.

The music on the night promises to summon the spirits of old Bourbon Street to The Parlour at Great George’s Street. Like Voodoo, the magic of the music will take possession of your soul…you won’t be able to stand still.

The year : 1919.
The location : Bourbon Street, New Orleans.
The Entertainment: 10 piece New Orleans Style Brass Band “Deise Brass”
The Attire : Dress for the Occasion
The Theme : Voodoo Jazz in Prohibition New Orleans
Voodoo Gift Offerings : Blackwater Distillery bring to the Parlour a bespoke
‘Black ‘n’ White Magic Gin’
Smooth & powerful, it’s a magic balance of good & evil.
We will nourish you with canapes, full of the flavours of New Orleans to give you energy for the night ahead.

We have intertwined with Blackwater Distillery who will provide the gin for the jazz.

Tickets price: €15,  includes entry plus Blackwater cocktail & canapes.

Tickets are available in The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms or on eventbrite.

The Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms, 2 George’s Street, Waterford.

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