Waterford Retro Festival sesized

Waterford Cultural Quarter, Friday 12th to Sunday 14th April 2019

Against The Current proudly presents Waterford Retro Festival!

Coming on the back of a film documentary on Sub Cultures in Waterford from 1979-1996 comes an annual Retro Festival for Ireland.

Starting on Friday 12th and running to Sunday 14th April 2019, Waterford Retro Festival will go back in time to celebrate the sub cultures that shaped the life of so many. the festival will transform the Waterford Cultural Quarter into a mecca for Mods, Bikers, Rockers, Skinheads, Punks, Goths, New Romantics, New Wave, Metal Heads, Indie and Dance fans.

With a street festival taking place on Saturday from 1-8pm and Sunday from 1-6pm with an with an outdoor music stage, food, vintage clothing, record and memorabilia stalls and a Classic Bike, Car and Scooter show taking place on Sunday. the documentary “Against the Current” will premiere in Garter Lane theatre on Friday 12th with another two showings on Saturday 13th.

They are also hosting an exhibition with contributions from people all over the country. A very special addition to the exhibition is artist John “Teflon” Sims who was the artist for the famous Ska record label 2-tone, this will be the first time ever that the 2-tone exhibition will be in Ireland.

The festival will host a number of free and paid music events in the bars and clubs in the evening with local, national and international artists, which include legendary Northern Soul artist Tommy Hunt and also other artists, bands and DJ’s over the weekend.

The festival couldn’t have picked a better year than 2019 as it’s such a symbolic year that celebrates many mile stones in sub culture history, the music that influenced these underground movements moulded a way of life for so many not just in music but in fashion and a whole way of life.



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