Hollywood’s renowned Entertainment Industry training and career networking company, Rev Up Transmedia, is calling out to aspiring, student and professional filmmakers to enter their unique free mobile phone film festival – FONE IT IN!

With no entry fees and open to International entries, Rev Up is offering its winners cash prizes along with an assortment of filmmaking gear and accessories! The FONE IT IN! festival entrants will have their films screened in Rev Up’s own 24/7 online theater giving them an opportunity to capture the attention of the leading innovators in new media and showcase their talents.

Rev Up believe in supporting the democratisation of filmmaking. They want to foster the talents of All voices in the filmmaking community. As a cutting edge transmedia company, Apple Authorized Training Center, app developer and new media career networking community, Rev Up understands the importance of good storytelling skills across the digital universe. There is no denying the fact that the short film format can make a huge artistic/social/political impact by stimulating conversations that could change the world.

Rev Up wants to encourage cell phone filmmakers to…Tell a story that is begging to be told! Tell a story that should be heard! Tell a story that will make a difference! Tell a story that will open eyes and dazzle the senses! Tell a story that will make us laugh at our own inadequacies and cry over the frailties of the human condition! Tell a story that has been imbedded in your imagination and yearns to be set free! Capture on any phone and edit on any system. The catch? You have to do it in three minutes or less! Choose quality over quantity and FONE IT IN!

The deadline for entries is November 15, 2013.

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