One of the more interesting entertainment acts to arrive on our shores of late is the ‘Master of Vocal Gymnastics’,  Mr Michael Winslow, who completed 2 sold out tours of Ireland in 2012. You might not be overly familiar with his name, but you’ll certainly remember him as Sgt. Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy series of movies and TV shows. Rising to fame for his peerless ability to create the most realistic sound effects using only his voice, Winslow, who has been taking comedy beatbox requests for over 25 years, is touted today as ‘The man of 10,000 Sound effects’. Michael Winslow returns to Ireland in 2013 and this time his tour includes a Waterford debut at The Forum on Thursday, 14th February. Tickets are on sale now at Next Door (Forum), 051 871111 and www.forumwaterford.com 

Born in Washington and growing up on Fairchild Air Force Base, Winslow, the youngest of six brothers, found it somewhat difficult to make friends. So, he took to entertaining himself by imitating the sounds of everything around him – the airplanes, the jet engines, pretty much anything that made a noise. Not overly keen on the field of academia, after stunning an audience with his rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Purple Haze’ during his first post-college professional performance, Winslow knew a life of entertaining was for him. So, it was off to LA where following a brief stint of homelessness, he eventually struck gold. Director Hugh Wilson and producer Paul Manslanski came to see him perform at Long Beach Theatre and were so impressed they immediately wrote him into the script of “Police Academy”. Whether it was down to Winslow or good writing, both film and star became an instant success and Michael spent the next two decades performing in numerous Police Academy movies and TV shows.

In recent years, in between lending his voice to the likes of Family Guy and Robo Chicken, Michael Winslow has been touring the world with his very successful one-man comedy show, winning an award at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe in 2011. His 2013 Irish Tour stops off at Forum Waterford on Thursday, 14th February, for a show that’ll entertain you no end.

Thursday February 14th,
Forum Venue,
Doors 8pm,
Show 9pm,
Tickets €23.50,
Unreserved Seated,
Under 16s accompanied by an adult.

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