The Marine Bar Dungarvan, Monday 21st of March 2022 at 7:30pm


A new arts troupe ‘Lismore & West Waterford Arts Group’ (LWWAG) is hosting its first post pandemic poetry evening on Monday 21st of March at 7:30pm in the Marine Bar, Pulla, Ring, Dungarvan (

This meeting is open to everyone with an ambition, talent, interest, or curiosity for poetry, and is an example and opportunity for all who love of the genre and wish to share their enthusiasms with other personalities of an equivalent and mutual passion. As you progress, you shall be looking to identify, nurture and develop opportunities and prospects for all members, whether local or more far flung.

From the above date onwards LWWAG will hold a live poetry evening in the Marine Bar every 3rd; Monday of each month, plus an on-line Zoom meeting on the 1st; Monday of every month. It is hoped this will cater for all who find either one or the other arrangement more comfortable and convenient to themselves, and of course any member can join both.

Within the past couple of months, a number of devotees have come together to help develop structure, and plan for the future, and now that there is a fixed venue that is convenient and well known to many around the region, it is hoped all who read this will come along in order to discover and join in as they experience the progression of this troupe from its origins onwards.

Initially, these poetry evenings will include readings, discussions and creativity classes for individual members works, as well as offering a focus upon themes, such as ‘What is Poetry?’ ‘Is Poetry the Poor Relative of Prose?’ ‘War Poetry’ ‘Romantic Poetry’ ‘Poetry of Ireland’ and the poetry of different cultures and times and places, plus ‘How to Write Poetry?’ and many, many more areas of consideration.

Eventually, LWWAG is looking to host festivals (as was done under another guise; pre-pandemic) and arrange for rehearsals and presentation of performance poetry to large and small audiences across a spectrum of locations.

On a separate occasion the LWWAG will also announce plans for other ambitions which relate to the development of opportunities for painters, sculptors, musicians, theatre, film, script and prose writers, so please also keep your eye on those prospects, and/or register your interest below.

If any of the above appeals to you then please turn up at the Marine Bar on Monday 21st at 7:30pm for the first Poetry Night launch. All will be most welcome.

Please register your interest by contacting:

Currently the following social media sites are being prepared, and in which various postings shall start to appear shortly.




Marine Bar, Pulla, Ring, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

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