posterKolourFriday October 18th sees the launch of ‘Kolour’ a collaberative exhibition between artists Ken Smith and Kiki (or Vicious Cow as she has become known) at the Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore.

Kolour brings the two accomplished artists together in an exuberant & electrifying display where the Copper Coast, local marine scenes, quirky cows and other colourful creatures all meet to create an eclectic but unified collection of oil & acrylic paintings.

Both artists hail from the Tramore area and have grown-up between the rough seas and lush luminous green pastures engorged in rain water and scattered sunshine. Over the years their surroundings formed their colour palette which is today reflected in a vibrant kaleidoscope of works.

Kiki’s work has been described as playful and vibrant whilst Ken’s mastery of light and shadows in wonderfully-crafted compositions is a real pleasure to behold.

The two original artists crossed paths many times – both had a connection through their colour palette and reciprocal admiration for each-other’s work – so it was only natural to join forces and create a unique display of artworks for everyone to enjoy.

The exhibition runs for two weeks until November 3rd at The Coastguard Cultural Centre, Tramore.

The launch is at 7.30pm, Friday, October 18th with a multimedia opening. All are welcome.

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