Nature banner-1GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, 25th July, 7pm.

Exhibition continues until the 4th of August.

Officially opened by Jonathan Frisby.

GOMA invites you to IT”S ALMOST NATURE, a solo exhibition by Denise McAuliffe.
For Denise the process starts with her fingers which are applied to the material that she chooses. The mediums form their own narrative which guides her hands and disturb the optical physicality. Found objects are placed in stark contrast to the delicately placed paint, the juxtaposing surfaces imply different intensities, moodiness and freedom.

For complete artist statement please click here.

Free event.

Exhibition continues until the 5th of August.


GOMA, Gallery of Modern Art, 6 Lombard Street, Waterford.

E:  T: 0871961923

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