To all you songwriters out there, IASCA (The Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers & Authors) have come up with a proposal for government that they feel has a real chance of making a difference for radio airplay for Irish artists – it’s broadly similar to the Canadian system.

They’re going to be presenting it soon. Here’s where you come in. They need you to join IASCA. It’s free until December 31st (just follow the links on They need as many people like you to join – people who are aware of this lack of airplay issue on a day to day basis, so that when they do present this proposal, they can do so with as many artists supporting it as possible. You know how hard it’s been and still is to make a living as an artist in this country. You know how long radio play has been an issue for artists here. This proposal represents our best chance in years actually to change this situation. 

Finally, I ask you to spread the word to your artist friends either by email or through social media and encourage them to sign up too. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you could post the following – “I’ve joined the fight to get more Irish artists played on Irish radio at
Thank you so much for reading this. – Steve Wall.

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