Soma Contemporary Gallery, March 2nd, 6pm, Tickets €5 at the door.

Soma’s 9Lives series of talks presents Immersive VR Education :
A presentation by David Whelan, C.E.O of Immersive VR Education and Mike Armstrong.

On February 10th 2016 at the Unity Vision Awards which took place in Hollywood Apollo 11 VR won the award for “Best Film / Interactive Story”. It’s the fourth international competition in a row for Apollo 11 VR. In his acceptance speech C.E.O of Immersive VR Education “David Whelan” stated “ Apollo 11 is the most important journey that mankind has ever embarked on and now for the first time you can see it through the eyes of those who were there. It is my belief that there is a child alive today somewhere on this planet that will on day set foot upon mars. I hope that they get to try VR in school as part of their education and that they get one day to experience Apollo 11 and that this experience sets them on the path to becoming one the next generation of astronauts, engineers and scientists. “

Winning the Unity Vision Award is a major achievement for a new startup. The judging panel was made up of key people from Sony, Google, Oculus, Microsoft and Unity Technologies. What’s more remarkable is that this is the fourth award given to the team within the past few months. Previously the team have won the TimeWarner – Future of Storytelling Award in New York, Best VR Movie at the VR Festival in Las Vegas and the Public Choice Award at the FIVARS conference in Toronto Canada.

Not resting on their laurels Immersive VR Education have also just announced that they are working on an education platform called “Lecture VR” which is a social learning environment that connects students and educators over a networked environment inside Virtual Reality and allows educators to create their own Immersive lessons. The company released a video showing some of the features available in the program and it looks like a type of VR PowerPoint with networked capabilities. David has stated that what is shown in the video is only a small part of a larger vision for their VR distance learning platform which they have been developing for quite some time now.

Apollo 11 VR is set to be a launch title on the Oculus Rift at the end of March and later on the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. It seems that VR has a future to play in the education space and Immersive VR Education is at the forefront building that future, today.

Doors open at 6.00 pmSomatalk
Tickets €5 on the door.
Light refreshments served.

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