Monday 8th April to Tuesday 9th April 2013 – Theatre Royal Waterford

Having survived World War 1 where he fought on the British side, Tom Barry returns to Ireland and after a run-in with local British Troops in Bandon joins the Irish Volunteers.

He quickly becomes an essential part of the organization, firstly as training officer and then as commander of the legendary West Cork Flying Column. In their first battle at Kilmichael, a small band of inexperienced Volunteers defeat a platoon of veteran English soldiers. This extraordinary victory was a turning point in the war. Months later in Crossbarry 130 Irish men were surrounded by 1300 British. With Barry in command the Irish beat the greater force and escape.

The play charts the numerous victories, loyalties, betrayals and personal losses of the war and ends with the Truce.

Time 8.00 p.m

All ticket enquiries to Theatre Royal Box Office 051-874402

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