TippGreen & Blue Futures Arts project – Notice of Tender – RFT 73699
South Tipperary County Council is seeking innovative proposals for a project organiser / curator to develop a number of co-ordinated arts projects / events (any art form / multi-art form can be proposed) in various locations along the River Suir, South Tipperary, during 2013. These Arts projects will form part of an INTERREG project titled Green and Blue Futures.
Green and Blue Futures is a European Partnership Project of which South Tipperary County Council is one of the partners. The project brings together partners from several European countries to look at using social enterprises to manage green and blue spaces. The aim of the local programme of works (as part of Green & Blue Futures) will be to develop the local communities connectivity to the river Suir through the arts. It is the intention that the project will develop an interest, knowledge and ownership of the River Suir and its built environment to new and existing audiences. The project will develop a series of arts events along the river throughout South Tipperary with an emphasis on the use of ‘places of significance’ either from a perspective of the historic architectural / industrial built-environment or places of significance from local folk lore / social history which afforded the place social importance in the past. The project funding is restricted to River Suir locations within South Tipperary.
Tenders must arrive by 4pm on Wednesday 1st May 2013.
For full details – visit – Ref number – RFT 73699 (Green & Blue Futures Arts)

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