Friday 30th November – Sun 23 December 2012  – Garter Lane, Waterford

Local Handmade Crafts at Garter Lane for Christmas

Waterford Homecrafts Annual Christmas Craft Fair is the high light of the festive season in Waterford City. Unique, exclusive and high quality crafts are created by local craft people whose work is inspired by the varied natural landscapes and the more than 1,000 year history of Waterford. 

Wood from our many native woodlands is lovingly turned into bowls and lamps that are both functional and beautiful. Our potters are inventing fresh, modern and often humorous designs, while still cherishing a tradition that stretches back into Medieval times. Handmade glass beads echo the haunting finds of jewellery from under our city streets and the willow work an ancient craft revived in Tramore, all made with a technique that has remained unchanged since the Vikings founded Waterford in 914.

Herbal products, including soaps, and hand creams contain ingredients culled from the hedgerow, while dried flowers and berries find their way into wreaths, candles and seasonal flower arrangements and insinuate themselves into paintings and prints. Hand decorated items such as; boxes, lamps, glassware and cards hark back to our Celtic past and onward, in a fusion of styles, national traditions and mythologies to the future of our multicultural city. Buy local and buy handmade and give something unique and special to someone this year. 

All enquiries to Garter Lane 051 855038

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