Welcome to the first step in the First Music Contact Regional Development project, a partnership with Carlow Arts Office, Kilkenny Arts Office, Waterford Arts Office and Wexford Arts Office

First Music Contact is the leading national music organisation for resourcing popular musicians and the independent music sector in Ireland. We deliver projects at key stages of an artists’ development, helping them develop real careers.

As a national resource organisation we treat our all- of- Ireland remit seriously. This new project aims to develop a way of offering equal access to professional development services to musicians all around Ireland as well as developing a framework for supporting artists at a local level.

We will be working in partnership with Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford and Wexford Arts Offices to deliver a high level professional development series to musicians in those counties as well as creating an opportunity for you as musicians in those counties to give feedback on what local supports you need to develop your professional careers moving forward.

What we want to do is better understand where musicians like you are in your careers and what your current aspirations and needs are. We will then use this information to inform our own work and to advocate locally and nationally for the things you need to progress your career..

This is a musician-first project and we want to find out what you need to get your music career off the ground or to take the next step. What are the practical things you need – and what kind of advice are you after

It begins with this questionnaire.

The series of workshops and sessions will be delivered online October 17th, 18th. 19th and 20th with the second half of the series scheduled for November.

These workshops will provide practical advice and music industry panels on many of the issues raised by this questionnaire. You will have an opportunity to attend these workshops and have an input into the process.

It’s your call. Your opportunity to have a say and a hand in shaping what happens next.

First off, we’d appreciate about 5 minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire. [If you’re a band, each member is free to answer the questions – the more the merrier]

Please note that all the details provided by you will be treated as confidential and are solely for the purposes of this project. All information will be anonymised and aggregated. No individual submissions will be shared with any third-party.

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