FilmLAB: Narative based moving pictures

FilmLAB was set-up in Waterford City in 2009 as a resource for emerging film makers. To date it has partnered on over 70 productions ranging from Shorts,  Documenting, to Pop videos.

Those with whom it has worked with include:

  • Dreamboat productions
  • Labyrinth Management
  • Little Red Kettle
  • Quincy Films
  • Pat Daly & Paul Bolger
  • Colm Williamson
  • Steven Stubbs

It will also be offering an equipment bursary for the winners of the Waterford Film Festival – best Script section and the overall Winning entry.

In August it will also announce details of  ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ hire rates for creative narrative led productions.

FilmLAB Goals:


  • Complete a 3 year development plan.
  • Provide information, advice and networking for members (via social media and regular meetings).
  • Form links with local council, businesses, institutions and creatives.

Long term

  • For Waterford to become the fulcrum of a South East filming, to attract investment from international productions and be the country’s most affordable production location.
  • To make FilmLAB’s brand synonymous with brilliantly conceived and professionally made film projects.
  • To expand FilmLAB’s activities possibly to include a full film production service – both in terms of technical access and training.

Over the next five years our intention is to develop a relationship with the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) possibly leading to full accreditation.

For information on this programme contact Conor Nolan

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