The Fáilte Ireland Regional Festival Initiative is aimed at supporting festivals and events which drive domestic tourism and have the potential to extend the tourism season.The emphasis is on strategic partnership, with all the interests in Irish tourism at national, regional and local levels working together towards a common goal.
Typical grants awarded are €2,500 to €3,000. In certain circumstances higher grants may be awarded.

To be considered for funding, applicants need to demonstrate the following:

  • The festival/event must generate a minimum of 600 visitor or tourist bednights in paid accommodation.
  • Participative sporting events must generate a minimum of 1,000 visitor or tourist bednights in paid accommodation.
  • In the absence of valid accommodation surveys or audience surveys, the tourism impact may be estimated by Fáilte Ireland.
  • The project has a minimum expenditure of €10,000.
  • The project must help to build the visitor experience in the locality and clearly respond to a defined need.
  • A business plan has been prepared to include a full income and expenditure budget for the event, and a marketing and promotions plan.
  • The profile of the organisers is appropriate to manage the calibre of the proposed event.
  • The programme will be comprehensive and well designed.

Organisers are encouraged to create tourist packages around the event through co-operation and cross-selling with tourism businesses in the area (e.g. Fáilte Ireland approved accommodation providers and/or restaurants, attractions and activity providers).
Festivals/events awarded funding should be available to brief Fáilte Ireland Tourist Information Offices in advance about the event so that information can be shared with visitors.

Festivals applying for funding must fit into one of the following categories:

General festivals (i.e. literary, historic, traditional culture or family focused).
Arts, Music & Theatre.
Food & Drink.
Sports & Outdoors.
Business & Education.

The following categories of festival and events are ineligible for this programme, due to their limited
tourist appeal:
Purely commercial events with limited tourism appeal.
Agricultural shows and countryside fairs.
Spectator-based sporting events.
Circuses and carnivals.
Christmas fairs and markets.

The Fáilte Ireland Regional Festival Initiative opened at 12.00 noon Tuesday 1st December and will remain open until 12.00 noon on Monday 18th January.

The guidelines and application form will be available to download from www.failteireland.ie/festivals.

As per last year, all applications should be submitted to events@failteireland.ie .

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