St. Carthage Hall, 29th March – 24th May 2020. Preview Saturday 28 March 3:00pm – 6:00pm


In light of Covid-19 outbreak, this exhibition has been postponed until further notice.

Kaye Donachie’s paintings pay tribute to a cast of historical female figures. Modernist performers, futurist actresses and non-conformist poets become protagonists connected by their unconventional beliefs and preferences. The paintings recognise the allure of these individuals and the extent to which they have stimulated Donachie to illuminate their specific histories, posing questions such as what it is to be present, to be active, to have a voice, and to assume ultimately, some measure of control over creative and emotional labour. The narratives within the paintings are given structure by the visceral sensation of light, outline and intensity of surfaces that evoke images surrounding the various subjects of her investigation.

For Lismore, Kaye will create a new body of work especially for the space at St. Carthage Hall.

St. Carthage Hall, Lismore, Co Waterford

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