Garter Lane Arts Centre 8pm Monday 15th Feb

Local arts workers in Waterford are organising a public meeting on Monday 15th Feb. at Garter Lane Arts Centre starts at 8pm (and finishes at 9.30pm) to hear from the candidates in the forthcoming election as to their policies in relation to the arts. They are also appealing to the general public who have a love of the arts to come along and make their feelings and presence felt on this important issue.

Fact – Ireland is currently at the bottom of the European League for Government Investment in Culture and the Arts. The Council of Europe data shows that in 2012 Ireland spent just 0.11% of GDP on the arts and culture, compared to a European average of 0.6% of GDP.

In schools, the arts promote attendance, accelerate learning and build confidence. In hospitals and healthcare settings, the arts create opportunities for people who face long-term illness and treatment to be creative, joyful, and strong.  And where people are marginalised, the arts can help them find their voice, to be empowered, heard and understood.

Over the last few difficult years, the arts have proved their resilience, popularity and value. They have borne harsh economic circumstances and have met the challenge to endure in spite of these. In 2016, as our nation reflects on the last 100 and more of its history, the arts remain a touch point to commemorate, celebrate and take pride in who we are and who we wish to be as we look forward to the future.

We look forward to your contribution on Monday 15th FebNCFA_web_full_1

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