University Hospital Waterford. Runs until April 8th 2022.

*Available to view by staff, patients and authorised visitors only.

Colour, an enchanting exhibition of paintings by Tudor Varga, has opened on the Staff Art Wall at University Hospital Waterford (UHW). This stunning collection invites the viewer to consider the beautiful colours found in the natural world. The exhibition continues until 8 April 2022. The Staff Art Wall is managed by Waterford Healing Arts Trust and aims to celebrate the creativity of staff working at UHW by providing an opportunity to display their work at the hospital. The artworks featured in the video below are for sale and queries can be directed to or 051 842664.

Tudor Varga is a self-taught artist and Radiographer in the Radiology Department at UHW. Tudor began painting three years ago as a way to slow down and be more present. He is still exploring his artistic style but enjoys combining loose brushwork with tiny details, right down to capturing a single blade of grass in an idyllic country scene or the foam of a wave as it rushes to shore. Speaking about Colour, Tudor states, ‘Nature inspires me and my goal is to capture the spectacle of beauty that nature offers us. I hope to transport the viewer to the scene by capturing the delicate dance between light and nature. Colour is the sister of light; it brings warmth to dawn, serenity to sunsets, humble boldness to autumn, fury to the ocean and purity to snow.’

Waterford Healing Arts Trust is Ireland’s leading arts and health organisation.  Established in 1993, WHAT brings arts experiences to the bedsides of patients at University Hospital Waterford and other healthcare settings.  WHAT believes that the arts contribute to the wellbeing and vitality of society and that engaging with the arts stimulates the participant’s sense of identity and creativity. Core funded by the Arts Council, WHAT supports the development of arts and health in Ireland and manages the national resource website

Waterford Healing Arts Trust, University Hospital Waterford, Dunmore Road, Waterford.

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