borrowers smallAre you thinking about borrowing money from your local credit union to fund a personal or commercial art project? Or maybe you already have? Then RTE would like to hear from you!

A new series called ‘The Borrowers’ for RTE features credit unions and their members and follows their stories of borrowing a loan to seeing what they use the money for.

St. Dominic Credit Union, Summerhill, Waterford is one of four locations across the country where cameras will have access to loan offices, the staff, and hopefully, you the members. Through the filming process Alleycats TV are keen to uncover the reasons behind people’s loans.

Filming at St Dominics Credit Union Waterford will take place from Thursday 17th January to Saturday 19th January.

Regardless of the loan amount or purpose “new car, home improvements, wedding, vet bills, medical or even student expenses…anything really!” Alleycats TV want to film your story. However Credit Union borrowers from the Waterford arts and cultural community are especially of interest. Waterford Credit Union members who have or are thinking of applying for a loan to assist them in any artistic endeavours are encouraged to get in touch with:

Alleycats Tv: 087 9158629, Grainne: 0044 7980 312396 or Niamh: 044 75 965 03379.

or to pop in to St Dominics Credit Union Waterford during filming.

Please click on the below pdf’s for more details.

the borrowers waterford front.pdf
the borrowers waterford reversepdf

St Dominics Credit Union, Summerhill, Waterford.
Phone: (051) 873 867

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