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Submission deadline: Friday, May 19, 2017

Submit to: All submissions and enquiries to

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Submission Brief:

We are calling out for submissions (including but not limited to) artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers, live art/performance/theatre practitioners, sound artists/musicians, spoken-worders, designers, blogglers, vloggers, curators, arts programmers, producers, etc.

We are seeking documentation of artworks/performances/projects that will be showcased to Seminar attendees.

Platform, present or show us examples of past, current and/or future work that is connected to the creative processes and practices in hospitals and multifaceted healthcare settings.

If selected you will be part of a cohort of creative practitioners who engage and  explore the field of arts and health including but not limited to hospitals, multifaceted healthcare settings and within communities.

The brief is very extensive in terms of artworks/performance/projects that will be considered. We are interested in showcasing examples that reflect current models of practice as well as practices creating new directions and meanings and interpretations.

This opportunity will:

·       Showcase your work to arts and healthcare practitioners and professionals

·       Disseminate your work and practice to new audiences

Submission Documentation:

Documentation of artworks/performances/projects. Include:

·       URL links and/or low resolution audio visual materials/jpegs

·       A brief statement (100-150 words) introducing yourself and your submitted work

On selection you will be contacted and advised on exact digital format for showcasing your work.

Further information:

This is a one day Arts and Health Seminar at Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore on Thursday, July 6, 2017.

Curated by Ann Lawlor in collaboration with Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore and Anam Beo (an independent arts and health organisation that delivers the Offaly Arts-in-Health Programme).

There are many communities/stakeholders that co-exist within hospital and wider healthcare settings. The Seminar encourages the interaction between all communities and the role ‘art/cultural processes and practices’ can positively contribute to evolving new meanings and content; enabling cohesion and relationship building; and contribute to further research and developments in patient care, medical and health care interventions.

The aim of the Seminar is to consider:

  • The role art and creative practices can play within hospital and healthcare settings and the positive impact on communities/stakeholder
  • Sharing of information and finding out about creative collaborations and practices in hospital and multifaceted healthcare settings
  • How specific art practices and projects can contribute to further research and developments in patient care; medical and health care interventions; and drive new policy within health and wellbeing settings

Seminar Programme:

  • Four specialist speakers working in the field of Arts and Health
  • Presentations from practitioners within hospital and healthcare settings, for example, clinical, surgical, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, nursing, administration, estates and community care perspectives, etc as a means of introducing and engaging Seminar attendees with new concepts, content and ideas or future creative collaborations and practices
  • A presentation of creative content though a portfolio of screenings from art and cultural practitioners, etc linked and related to art practices within hospital, healthcare and community settings

Submission deadline: Friday, May 19, 2017

Submit to: All submissions and enquiries to


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