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Deadline Sunday 7th December

‘MAD in Waterford’is a critical writing magazine that focuses on music, art and design in Waterford city and county. This magazine will be available on line, but will also have a small number of limited edition printed copies available for sale. It aims to act as a critical platform for the arts in Waterford where information, ideas and opinions can be shared on the cultural events that take place in the area. ‘MAD in Waterford’ endeavors to foster a critical engagement with Waterford’s arts institutions. It finally wishes to give opportunities to musicians, artists, designers and writers working in Waterford, gathering their ideas into a quaterly publication.

‘MAD in Waterford’ is currently looking for graphic designers to submit
1. A ‘MAD in Waterford’ logo
2. A front cover image for Issue One
3. An internal design layout for Issue One

‘MAD in Waterford’ are looking for designs that are fresh, unrestricted, contemporary and playful that relate to the areas of music, art, design and writing.

The front cover of the magazine must contain the name of the magazine, ‘MAD in Waterford’ and the words, ‘Issue One’.

The printed magazine will be A5 booklet format.

Initial submissions must be sent in PDF format.

It would also be of benifit for the designs to work well in black and white as well as colour.

Anyone interested in submitting for the internal design layout should send a PDF mock up of four pages using any text of their choice to illustrate their design.

A small fee will be paid for the choosen designs.

For more information e-mail

If interested please send your CV and Design in PDF format, with ‘arts magazine submission’ written in the subject line, to
Deadline: Sunday 7th December

Contact Details: Róisín Power Hackett

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