GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, Tuesday August 7th – Saturday September 22nd at 12:30am to 5:30pm



The BGAA is an academy of backgammon based in Waterford City.  The BGAA at GOMA is a social interactive sculptural installation. The BGAA welcomes you to come visit our purpose built interactive stadium to learn, interact with or observe backgammon.

GOMA is pleased to present ‘BGAA Stadium’ an exhibition by Carl Giffney made up of large interactive social sculptures, audio and video.

Working in a 6 month studio residency in the gallery’s locale, this project was conceived, a local initiative that takes the form of a small school or academy, for the board game backgammon. BackGammonAssociationAcademy(BGAA) is the resulting group who now play and teach the board game within the surrounding area.

Audience members are invited to view the stadium construction as a sculptural form and as a physical installation.

They are also invited to sit at its seats and watch a backgammon game. If they wish they can play or learn how to play backgammon. It is hoped the recurring audience will be fostered by the exhibition of ‘BGAA’S stadium and that it’s social nature will generate dialogue in the gallery.

Admission free.

For more details and information please click here.

GOMA Gallery of Modern Art, 6 Lombard Street, Waterford.
Tel.: 0871 961 923

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