ANOTHER JOURNEY OF HOPEHumanitarian Convoy Charity fundraiser.

SOMA Contemporary Gallery, 9th July, 7.30pm -0.00.

Another Journey of Hope in SOMA Contemporary Gallery on 9th July will see over 30 local artist’s works up for sale, a night of entertainment provided by local talent such as Oatsie Joans, Mick Shanahan, Dean Flynn, Anna Jordan, Jenni Ledwell, Ed Hill & David Mears.

This September Ruth Flynn a studio artist at SOMA Contemporary Gallery will drive a van from Waterford to Belarus. Ruth will travel with the humanitarian convoy now in its 10th year, to deliver desperately needed aid to the children in orphanages and people in need in Belarus. The Chernobyl reactor is 20km south of the border of Belarus. When the explosion occurred in 1986, 70% of the nuclear fallout landed in Belarus, contaminating 99% of the land. 30 years later, millions of people still suffer from radioactive contamination. 1.7 million people live in extreme poverty. Thousands of children with severe mental disabilities and chronic illnesses who were abandoned at birth are left languishing in bleak orphanages and institutions across the affected area. All proceeds raised from this night will go to the humanitarian aid.

Tickets on the door €5 per person. Tel:0871961923



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