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Preview Sunday July 28th@6.30pm part of AVENUE with live performance
Opening Monday July 29th (part of sprOg 2013)
The main objective in Olivia Hassetts practice is to create phenomenological environments and experiences for the viewer. Through these experiences it is proposed to question understandings of what is means to be human, viscerally alive and if only for a brief time outside the constraints imposed by society.Hassetts practice has always been a hybrid one between art and human biology. More recently it has expanded to include the medical world, how the human body is examined, labeled and depicted.
The body has the ability to “extend the frameworks which attempt to contain them, to seep beyond their domains of control…its refusal to respect the boundaries separating public and private.” (Elizabeth Grotz, 1994, PXI)
As well as concerns regarding the medical body she is also interested in the abject body; the feelings of anxiety and disgust that the visceral fragile body engenders.The horror of leaking bodily fluids attests to the permeability of the body. It points to the perilous divisions between the bodies inside and outside and its dependence and liability to collapse into this outside. (Elizabeth Grotz, 1994, P193-194)
Through various artistic mediums such as installation, performance, sound and video Olivia Hassett continues to explore the human body’s potential to be simultaneously grotesque and sublime.
All enquiries to Garter Lane Box Office 051 855038

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