Classical Drawings: Portraits and Master Copies by artist, Adrian Cooke,

The exhibition features master copies from Charles Bargue’s Cours de Dessin – a renowned 19th-century drawing course, practised by many of the greatest artists of the period including Van Gogh and Picasso. Also included in the exhibition are copies of master works by Michelangelo, Rubens, Ingres and Prud’hon.

Up until the 20th century, the standard practice for all artists was to copy and learn from the Old Masters. With the onset of Modern Art, however, this age-old tradition was ousted. In the last 20 years or so, the classical atelier tradition has experienced a renaissance, with many artists seeking to restore the old values, techniques and skills of past masters.

Master copy of Hippolyte Flandrin's "Seated Female Nude"
Master copy of Hippolyte Flandrin’s “Seated Female Nude”

Adrian Cooke is a self-taught artist and native of Waterford. With a background in classical music, he also composes music and teaches piano privately, as well as running a full-time business in design and photography – AC2 Media.

Aoife’s Café & Gallery has rapidly developed as one of Waterford’s key venues for showcasing emerging local artists every month. The Irish Tricolour was flown for the very first time from the gallery building, 33 The Mall, and the Tricolour Festival (7th to 9th March 2014) coincides with Adrian Cooke’s Classical Drawing exhibition.

The exhibition opened on Saturday, 1st of March 2014 with a wine reception and an address by guest speaker, James Doherty, Chairperson of the 1848 Tricolour Committee. The exhibition runs from 1st to 31st of March, open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

For further information, please contact Adrian Cooke on 087 6609644 or email:

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