6 week on line webinar starting on Sunday 6th March at 19:00

Breaking Ground 2 with Andrew Macklin

Following the success and interest in Breaking Ground in 2021, we have teamed up with Waterford Native and all round true “practise” champion Andrew Macklin to bring you ‘the creative professional’, the aptly named Breaking Ground 2.

If you are looking to improve your Career trajectory, to enhance your career strategies and to connect with like minded others, then this course is for you.

Who is this for?

It’s for you if you are a Professional Creatives, of any type. If you freelance and are looking to enhance your career trajectory. The course offers tools, approaches, theories and practical exercises that will allow you to better facilitate your own career development.

 Why do I need it?

Typically, we lack places where we can go as creatives, artists to ask questions about our careers and how we might move them forward. The course offers an environment that is safe, supportive and empowering. In this space we reflect on where we have been and we learn from other artists.

What’s the Approach?

The course, is the result of Andrew Macklin’s research into the work lives of professional creatives. Andrew is a trained coach and has delivered coaching for many UK based companies and organisations. Having looked at how freelancers manage their careers and understanding that there has been significant development in that area over the last 30yrs,  Andrew Looks at “here’s what the research says” and encourages potentially adopting some of those approaches.

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