Deadline: Monday, February 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM

The Creative Ireland Programme is the Government’s Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016 – a five-year initiative which places creativity at the centre of public policy. It is a culture-based programme designed to promote individual, community and national well being.

Its vision is:
‘That every person living in Ireland will have the opportunity to fully realise his or her creative potential.’

The programme is the main implementation vehicle for the priorities identified in the Government’s policy document, Culture 2025 – Éire Ildánach which states that arts and culture are intrinsic to the Irish State, acknowledges the need to increase access to and participation in the arts, boost our creative industries, and preserve our heritage with a particular focus on language, landscape and the environment.

The Creative Ireland Programme is built around themes of identity, culture and citizenship with the core Five Pillars being:

  • Children and Youth – Enabling the Creative Potential of Every Child
  • Creative Communities – Enabling Creativity in Every Community
  • Cultural Investment – Investing in our Creative and Cultural Infrastructure
  • Creative Industries – Ireland as a Centre of Creative Excellence
  • Global Reputation – A Creative and Cultural Nation


Waterford’s Strategy sets out the plan for in this national initiative. It outlines our priorities for cultural and creative development, resonates with the core values of the Creative Ireland Programme nationally and focuses on delivering Waterford’s vision to:
‘Create a cultural and creative ecosystem in Waterford which builds on existing core strengths, increases cultural competency across the county to develop and deliver programmes reflective of community needs, and provides opportunities for access, participation and engagement in culture and creativity for all citizens.’


Creative Ireland Waterford Open Call 2022

Creative Waterford Open Call 2022 Application Form –

Applications open to community and voluntary groups, organisations, venues, artists, writers, performers, archaeologists, historians, architects, archivists, schools, colleges and individuals who have something to contribute to creativity and culture within Waterford.

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