Garter Lane, Monday July 30th to August 1st, 11am to 3pm and ALL over the City!

Experiencing Waterford City SprÓg Festival with Music Generation Waterford in a whole new way for 2018.

Summer Sing Out is a three-day singing experience for children ages 7 to 12 years.summer sing out poster

 Over three days children will:

-Sing their way around Waterford Treasures.

-Learn to sing & use sign language.

-Learn lullabies & Viking songs.

-Experience story telling & song.

-Perform in Garter Lane Arts Theatre.

Monday 30th to Wednesday 1st (next week) 11am to 3pm each day

The camp begins in Garter Lane each morning at 11am and ends in Garter Lane at 3pm each afternoon.

The camp involves a walking trail fully supervised and lead by experienced vocal tutors.


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